The Application Process

We look forward to welcoming you to our volunteer team!

A role just for you

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities at Moose Jaw Multicultural Council.  Take a few minutes to browse through the areas listed below and learn about the different ways you can offer your time and skills. 

Current Volunteer Opportunities

*These time commitments are estimates or suggestions. Although some of them are consistent, many are based on need throughout the year. If you have questions, please speak with Gaby the Community Connections Coordinator at (306)693-4677 or

**Not sure if you feel comfortable with in-person programs yet? Speak with Gaby to see if an online option might be possible. 


Special Event Support: will assist Community Connections Coordinator on the day of the event (holiday party, World Refugee Day, International Dinner, etc.), and/or in event preparation. Time commitment: varies based on event.

Conversation Circle Facilitator: will facilitate an informal weekly English conversation small group. Facilitators will prepare a few discussion questions based on topic given by MJMC staff, and be prepared to introduce important vocab words or concepts (when possible) that come up during discussion. Time commitment: 30 minutes- 1 hr. weekly.

Men’s Group Facilitator: will plan and facilitate an informal time for men to spend time together and build friendships, such as playing games, sports, etc. Room for variety and creativity, based on what the facilitator wants to do. Time commitment: 1 hr. group session, plus prep time. 1-2 times per month.

Virtual Mom’s Group Facilitator: will plan and facilitate a virtual group for moms who are unable to leave their home due to having young children or for other reasons, such as a craft club or another activity that’s simple to do with low-English levels. Room for variety and creativity, based on facilitator. Time commitment: 1-1.5 hr. group session, plus prep time. One-time session or ongoing.


 Computer Skills Tutor: will work one-on-one with client to help with basic computer skills: Zoom, word documents, making an attachment, emails and social media accounts, formatting documents, etc. Time commitment: 1-2 hrs. weekly.  

English Language Tutor: will work one-on-one with client to help develop their English skills. English levels range from intermediate English students to clients at home who have not yet been able to attend English classes. Time commitment: 1- 2 hrs. weekly.  

Basic Cooking Skills Teacher: will teach basic cooking skills to clients, such as: using a stove, oven, simple meal preparation, grocery shopping, etc. Time commitment:  varies.  

Virtual Greeter: will virtually connect with new clients who have just arrived in Canada and are in quarantine, in order to provide social connection. Via Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, or other platform accessible to both client and volunteer. May require specific language abilities, depending on arrivals. Time commitment: a few calls per week, for two weeks. Possibility to continue connecting with clients in person after they are out of quarantine.   


Welcome Package Helper: will put together a welcome package for new arrivals with goods from the donations room.  Time commitment: a few hours (per family), whenever new families arrive.

Moving Assistance- Movers: will assist clients in moving from their hotel to long-term dwelling. This may include moving furniture and/or other heavy items. Time commitment: a few hours on 1-2 days (per family). Moving occurs sporadically throughout the year as new clients arrive in Moose Jaw.     

Moving Assistance- Truck/ Vehicle Drivers: will help transport items to client’s new home. All vehicles welcome, however, trucks are desirable for moving larger items. Time commitment: a few hours on 1-2 days (per family). Moving occurs sporadically throughout the year as new clients arrive in Moose Jaw.      

Housing Setup Helper: will assist new arrivals with setting up their new home, such as putting up curtains or blinds, building bed frames, etc. Many simple setup tasks require tools that they may not have yet. Time commitment: a few hours on 1-2 days (per family).


Workshop facilitator: will plan and facilitate an information session(s) to teach newcomers different life skills (ex: technology/ computer, cooking, using a smart phone, basic car maintenance, gardening, etc.) Based on volunteer’s skills and interests, and what they feel confident teaching. Time commitment: Session times will vary, depending on skill being taught. Could be 1 hour, or a morning or afternoon (for example).

Event facilitator: will plan and facilitate a special event (ex: paint night, sports night, tour of a community location, etc.) Time commitment: Event times will vary, depending on what event is.  

Apply to Volunteer

In order to protect our clients’ privacy and rights, and to ensure that those helping them are equipped to provide the best support possible, MJMC has a formal process through which we screen and equip our volunteers. 

Step 1: Contact our volunteer coordinator

Discuss available volunteer opportunities that are a good fit for you with Gaby, our Community Connections Coordinator. Contact her by calling our office at (306) 693-4677 or emailing

Step 2: Complete your forms

All volunteers will need to complete our volunteer application form, volunteer agreement & oath, and photo release.  Volunteers under the age of 16 will also need to submit a volunteer parental consent form, and those who are interested in volunteering as translators and/or  interpreters will need to complete that application form. Our Community Connections Coordinator will be happy to give you the forms you need. 

Step 3: Submit completed forms to us.

You can submit your completed forms through:

 Step 4: Criminal Record Check 

  • Please wait until you hear back from us regarding your application form before submitting your criminal record check.
  • Please note CRC must be dated within two months of application submission.
  • Whenever possible CRC must be received directly from the law enforcement. This standard is in place within the City of Moose Jaw. If your rural jurisdiction of law enforcement follows a different practice, please let us know.
  • There is a fee of $20 to have a CRC done for volunteer purposes and the law enforcement agency (police) will forward your Criminal Record Check to us. 
  • When submitting your Criminal Record Check form, be sure to:
    • read the small print
    • use a blue pen!!
    • If you live in Moose Jaw, you will need to submit your form to the Moose Jaw Police Service.  When doing so, be sure to indicate to the staff taking the form that it is for MJMC

** Don't forget that your Criminal Record Check goes to local law enforcement, and not to us!