Everyone in the community is invited to our come-and-go event in honour of World Refugee Day, on Tuesday June 20th! This annual day of significance is always an important one for us at MJMC because of the work we do helping refugees settle in their new home in Canada. This year, we would like to recognize this day by doing a small but very significant event that everyone is welcome to come experience. We will host an outdoor activity outside the library in Crescent Park, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. You can join us anytime between those 2 hours. We will have tables around the park representing the top 6 countries that we received refugees from in 2022-2023 (Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Ukraine). Each country will share a little bit of their culture, and this is a great activity for the whole community to come out and experience. Please save the date for June 20th and everyone is welcome to join us for this activity!