The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is happening this Friday September 30th, for the second time in Canada's history. It is a way for all Canadians to reflect, learn more about the history of colonialism and its impact on Canada's Indigenous populations, and for communities to show support and join the efforts led by the original inhabitants of Canada to heal and recover. If you are looking for local opportunities to participate in Truth and Reconciliation activities, WACA is Moose Jaw's First Nations Community Group (Wakamow Aboriginal Community Association) and they have organized an impressive variety of events for the community that will happen over three days, starting September 29th.


WACA will be hosting a Powwow in Wakamow Valley on Friday and Saturday that will include many performances of traditional dances, as well as two talks at the Public Library, and a free dance performance at the Mae Wilson Cultural Centre on Saturday evening. WACA's chair, Lori Deets, wants the community to know that showing up at these events, asking questions, buying a T-shirt, and enjoying the occasion is the best way to support WACA. Everyone is welcome to join these events! You can follow WACA's page on Facebook for updates. Find their page here