We wanted to share a new cold-weather community resource compiled by Square One Community Inc.  Visit Square One's website here for up-to-date information of the Moose Jaw Cold Weather Strategy resource listings, including warming spaces, emergeny shelter options, and helpful contact numbers. For a printable version of the list, click here. Square One invites the public to share any suggested updates, requests for additions to list of warming spaces, etc. to: communitysquareone@gmail.com.
If you are new to Canada and this is your first winter, be aware of the dangers of frostbite on exposed skin in extreme cold temperatures, and how it can happen in minutes. The Saskatchewan Health Authority says if you see signs of frostbite, get out the cold immediately. Do not rub the area, but you can gently rewarm the skin by soaking the affected area in warm (NOT hot) water for 15-30 min.  However, prevention is always the best course of action, and dressing warmly in layers and covering as much skin as possible is the best protection.  We wish everyone a safe and healthy winter ahead!